Ortigia Film Festival - Siracusa


Ortigia Film Festival, organized by the cultural organization Sa. Li. Ro’ , has been running since 2009 and it takes place on the island of Ortygia, historical center of the city of Syracuse. The Festival, gotten at its ninth edition, this year will be celebrating this important step with an engaging program of films and events, screening a panorama of national and international films and premieres.

A competition of first and second Italian directors’ feature films and an international competition of short films- rated by a jury of highly qualified professionals in the show business- and an hors concours international documentaries showcase but also retrospectives, previews, tributes to great filmmakers, latest film productions with an eye always kept on the latest emerging and indie film scene, exhibitions, installations, masterclasses, conversations with filmmakers and other events make Ortigia Film Festival one of the most anticipated cultural events of the city of Syracuse and an important appointment among festivals in Sicily and nationally.

First of the festival goals is, in fact, to select films of cultural interest, otherwise cut off of the business, due only to their lack of commercial appeal and give them the deserved visibility.

At the same time,  O.F.F. channels its audience to the island of Ortygia, UNESCO World Heritage, highlighting its cultural treasures with always unexpected cultural paths- appositely pedestrianized for the event- bringing in new beauty and cultural freshness to the island’s already magical multimillenarian charme. During the festival, Ortygia becomes the ideal place to spend a week between art, free events, fun and impressive, astonishing  architectural and naturalistic beauty: an unbelievable multi-faceted, balanced cultural city parlor that made the festival record a steady growth over the years with more than 20.000 people turnout for the past edition.

Also, since 2014 O.F.F. is an Eco-Event: focused on human sustainability, this year as well as the past ones the island of Ortigia will be transformed into a place where culture meets tourism and environmental consciousness.

Over the years Ortigia Film Festival has been proudly supported by the City of Syracuse, the Film Commission of Sicily and the Department of Tourism of the Regione Sicilia APQ – Sensi Contemporanei, the Ministry of Arts MIBACT, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Sicilian Film Commission, Cineteca di Bologna, Emergency, UNESCO, EXPO 2015, Siracusa Chamber of Commerce/Touristic Dpt.