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“Become AmicOFF and you will be one of the patrons of Ortigia Film Festival 2020”


Choose the AmichettOFF package and support the Festival with a donation of 25 €. You will be entitled to the official Card (with a fixed seat in the stalls). We remind you to access the locations in good time.

25€ Card Off


Become a Great AmicOFF of the Festival with a donation of € 40. You will receive the official Card (with a fixed seat in the stalls) and a gadget of your choice between T-Shirt and OFF12 poster autographed by Paolo Campagnolo.

40€ Card Off + 1 Gadget a scelta


Scegli di essere nostro AmicOFF del Cuore con una donazione di 60€. Riceverai la Card ufficiale (con posto fisso in platea), una fantastica T-Shirt e il manifesto OFF12 autografato da Paolo Campagnolo.

60€ Card Off + 2 Gadget

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Since 2009, year after year, we have been working in all seasons (yes, even in winter!) To be able to create a summer festival with great Italian and international titles on the island of Ortigia. With your support, we can do even more: explore new cinematic horizons, together.

Support Ortigia Film Festival and become one of our patrons too, through donations that allow you to take advantage of tax benefits.
The donation will be made with the Paypal service. See our Privacy Policy for more info.


Click on the button, choose the amount and support the festival with a free donation. If you want to become a FRIEND, discover all the donation packages and related gadgets

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