The man Marcello, the actor Mastroianni and the images of films shot in Sicily

06/13 July 2024

Ortea Palace Hotel, Sicily
Autograph Collection, Syracuse

19 July/ 02 August 2024

City Palace
Municipal Theatre, Avola (Sr)

At the 100th anniversary of his birth, this exhibition intends to tell the story of Marcello and his world and, in a certain sense, of Sicily through Mastroianni, with a retrospective of the most significant moments captured by great photographers on the sets of some famous films shot in Sicily or with off-stage images, between a pause for rest and a moment captured in his intimacy as an actor totally immersed in the character he played.

Marcello Mastroianni would have been one hundred years old in 2024.

Marcello Mastroianni would have turned one hundred years old in this 2024. A significant and full number to remember a man and an actor considered among the greatest interpreters of Italian and international cinema. To pay homage to the great actor, his world and his life, on the centenary of his birth, it was decided to bring Marcello Mastroianni back to Sicily, first in the splendid setting of the Art Nouveau Palazzo delle Poste, today the Ortea Palace in Ortigia, and later inside the historic Palazzo di Città and the neoclassical Garibaldi Theatre in Avola, organising and setting up a thematic exhibition on our great actor, who throughout his career gave life to Sicilian characters and films that won Oscars and contributed to the internationalisation of Sicilian cultural identity.

The exhibition has the ambition and the honour of recounting and re-proposing the complex person of Mastroianni, in his entirety as an actor and his figure as an interpreter of the reality of his time with the riches, miseries, greatness and values that permeated it, with a particular look at his Sicilian cinematographic past and how, with his proverbial meekness, shyness and with the help of his inimitable spirit of assimilation, typical of great actors, he managed to penetrate the Sicilian soul and express it with unforgettable performances, in a land that certainly did not belong to him by birth but certainly by artistic adoption.

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