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XIV edizione – 2022

Arena Minerva

(Piazza Duomo)

Wide and rectangular, it runs along the side of the cathedral, the heart and living room of the historic center. The columns of the ancient temple of Athena, erected in the early 5th century BC, are visible in the wall. During the Festival, the square is transformed into a Film Arena equipped with the best projection facilities. It hosts the main sections of the Festival and meetings with authors, actors, producers and the awards night.

Arena Logoteta

(Largo Logoteta – Ortigia)

Built in the heart of the ancient Jewish quarter of the island of Ortigia: Giudecca. During the festival, the area is pedestrianized and transformed into an Arena that hosts the main sections of the festival.

Meeting & Infopoint

(Via Mario Minniti 1, Ortigia)

Located in front of the Logoteta arena inside it houses the festival offices and The information/merchandising point, where the public votes on films in competition. The ‘outside houses sponsor spaces and bar of Ortigia Film Festival, a meeting place for festival guests.

Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio, Sala Ferruzza – Romano Siracusa

(Via Castello Maniace, 51)

Maniace Castle is one of the most important monuments of the Swabian period in Syracuse and one of the best known of the Frederician castles.